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Our Process

You will save money and time by extending the life of your bath. Here are some of the jobs we have done:

Bathtub Restoration Process: “A successful bathtub restoration requires the correct expertise, processes, and materials.  Cutting corners or hiring the wrong contractor can result in having to redo your restoration sooner rather than later. We at American Bathtub Inc, we do not cut corners. Here is some of the processes we implement:”


Our process Dade

Stripping the Tub

Our process Dade

Remove all previous paints or coatings

Acid Washing

Our process Dade

Decontaminate bathtub

Repair Damage

Our process Dade
Our process Dade
Our process Dade

Drain Overflow Replacement or Dressing

PVC (Non-Slip) Liner (Optional)


Our process Dade

Porcelain Application